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ETSW are always on the look out for competitive members to represent them at Area 12 competitions. These competitions are qualifiers for the National Riding Club Championships (make sure you can, and are happy to go and travel to the Championships if you were to qualify). If you do not wish to travel to a championship but still wish to enter a competition then please ask to ride as a Non Qualifier.  


Ensure you can compete on the day of the competition.

Ensure you can travel to and are available for the Championship that you are trying to qualify for.

Ensure you and your horse/pony are eligible to enter the competition and class (see BRC Handbook).

Ensure your horse/pony is vaccinated in accordance with BRC rules and you must be able to provide a clear printable copy of its passport with full (start to finish) vaccination history to the ETSW team captain.

Ensure you are able to pay for the competition entry when instructed - Some entries are done direct by each rider via Equo and some via ETSW so its important you follow the team captains instructions when making payment.

Finally all members are required to complete a ETSW Area 12 entry form for each competition date that they wish to enter CLICK HERE.

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