These rules are subject to change, as and when government and British Riding Club advice is updated.


1) Please read BRC’s interpretation of the most recent government guidance.  Which can be found on the British Riding Club Website 

2)  It is a member’s responsibility to decide if they should travel and attend training or events 


3)  Please do not attend training if you or a family member are showing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 or have been in contact with anyone with COVID-19


4) Please adhere to 2m Social distancing at all times


5) Please wash / sanitise your hands and keep up good hygiene standards


6) Riders are to wear gloves when handling gates to access arena’s or handle any arena equipment 


7) Riders are allowed to wear soft face masks that cover the mouth and nose but no face shields are permitted and nothing is to be attached to the riding hat


8) Please allow adequate parking space between vehicles 

10m apart if tying from both sides of vehicle

5m apart if tying from one side of vehicle


9) Please do not arrive too early for your lesson and please leave at the end of your lesson. 


10) Spectators are not allowed 


11) If a Senior member requires assistance, they may bring one person with them to training events 


12) Junior members must always have a family member or a responsible adult with them at training events


13) No dogs allowed at any training events 


14) UK Government information can be found here 

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